Good Posture Academy

Good Posture Academy

Check your child’s posture today! PDR Physical Therapy & Wellness Center has proudly developed a postural problems prevention and treatment program for children ages 4 through 18. This innovative program focuses on children’s postural imbalance and muscle weakness in children diagnosed with flat feet, intoeing, toe-walking, scoliosis and many more!

It is important to treat posture problems when discovered at the early stage. Trust the caring therapists at PDR Physical Therapy and Wellness Center to help you and your child build a strong core and good posture.

Our program includes:

An initial assessment and evaluation of your child’s posture by one of our licensed Physical Therapists. Based on this evaluation a therapist will design a therapy program that will fit your child’s specific needs.

Individual exercise sessions will target musculature imbalances and focus on preventing the progression of scoliosis. Your therapist will teach self-correction of posture, self-stretching of shortened muscles and home parent and child education.

Exercises conducted by our therapists will target core muscle strength and breathing techniques.

Skilled hands-on manual therapy, which includes joint mobilization, massage techniques, stretching the short muscles group and stimulating the weak and overstretched muscles.

Corrective Exercises for Kids - Current Schedule

The Good Posture Academy offers small group classes run by instructors with many years of experience working with kids with postural problems. Classes will begin again in the fall.

Call 847-459-4779 to sign up for the classes today!

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