Our Anniversary

Thank you everyone who joined us in celebrating our 13th anniversary! It was great to spend time with our old patients, some whom we met in our first clinic, as well the new people who came to visit us during Open House Party. Former patients who turned into our friends brought back a lot of great memories. Others learned more about the treatments available at PDR.

Eva, Peter and Hubert.

Aneta showing some of our photographs to our guests.

With some of our favorite people.

Peter presenting his book on obesity to our guests.

Dick congratulating Peter on 13 years anniversary.

Eva, Marta and Gosia with Rose and her husband Scott.

Eva was busy screening kids’ posture and educating the parents on postural problems and ways to correct them.

People interested in losing weight with the Ideal Protein program could taste the products and chat with Laura, Joan and Peter.

Here are Joan, Laura and Daniela, who was available for an insurance consultation. 

Peter with one of his most successful Ideal Protein clients, Jan.

Joan sharing her Ideal Protein story on how she lost over 42 pounds so far.

Gosia and Marta chatting with our guests about massages.

Peter got to sign some of his books on arthritis, good posture, and obesity.

Once again, thank you for coming! It was great spending time with you all! Looking forward to another 13 years together!
Special thank you to Eve Przadka from Elite Insurance, co-host and sponsor of the first prize flat screen TV

Here is Eve with Maria and Boleslaw chatting about insurance options.

Special thank you 7 Red Roses floral design studio for providing the beautiful floral decor.

Special thank you to Polski FM Polish radio for the CD’s with Polish playlists.

Congratulations to the lucky winners of the lottery. 
Some of the prizes have been claimed already:

Eva and Daniela passing the TV to Lee. 

Eva with Edward, who won silicone massage cups.

Daniela and Dick, who won a yoga mat.

Daniela with Richard picking up a yoga mat for his daughter, Alyssa.