What Our Patients Say

“There’s no two ways about it: PDR is the best! I have known them for over ten years, and nearly everyone in my family has sought treatment from them. They are super. They don’t watch the clock. They do the job, and that’s what counts. I highly recommend them.”
Mary Ann Johnston

“Very friendly staff; great care & taking a very individualized approach in taking care of patients.
Thank you, Piotr. After just 2 appointments my pain decreased. Great motivation for starting a healthy lifestyle.”
Kasia Szerlag

“Peter & the entire team,
Thank You all very much for your care, kindness, compassion and friendliness. I can’t say enough great things about the entire staff. You’re a great group of people from the front desk (Anetka & Martynka – welcoming and courteous) to the therapists (Laura – very caring and personable; Margaret – talented and gives fantastic massages). You all exceeded my expectations with your work ethics and customer service.
Special thanks to Peter (owner) who has the Midas touch and is the most qualified therapies anyone can find. Very professional and compassionate who really wants to help his patients and clearly knows his stuff.
I wholeheartedly appreciate everything you’ve done for me. Many thanks.”
Barbara Paz

A couple years ago, I was suffering from such severe problems with my back and neck that I couldn’t work or function. The treatment I received at PDR was priceless: the team treats their patients like family… and their interventions are truly amazing. I can put on my own clothes again. I am 100% better. I really wish I knew about them sooner in life. I am so, so thankful to them.”
Elzbieta Wegrzynowicz

I damaged my sciatica nerve years ago and had a ruptured disc in my lower back. I also struggled with Arthritis, leaving me with intense lower back and hip pain. I was hunched over, couldn’t stand up straight, when my back surgeon recommended a physical therapist. Through deep massage, ultrasound therapy, laser therapy, and exercise, Peter and Margaret at PDR have helped me immensely. Now, I’m standing up moving around better than I have in years.”
Steve Kahan

“I had Polio as a child and have metal rods in my back: a spinal fusion. Now that I’m a Senior, I’m not young anymore and things are starting to break down. I get stiff every now and then, and PD Rehab’s exercises really help. We have to try to keep what God gave us in the best shape we can, and I enjoy going to PDR. The team makes you feel warm and accepted, and I’m really glad I found them.”
Dorothy Brown

“For years I sought treatment for dizzy spells — my MRI showed that nothing was wrong, and I couldn’t find help. Then, I was referred to PDR. Through a regimen of massage, exercises and stretching, they relieved the tightness in my neck and shoulders that caused my symptoms. PDR worked wonders: whether it was small pains or whole body pains. I am finished with treatment and pain free!”
Barbara Michalczyk

“I developed severe TMJ in my adulthood and was miserable with jaw pain and migraines. I thought surgery was my only option and that healing would take a long time. With only four weeks at PDR, my condition improved 150%! Their kind, professional staff performed red-light laser therapy to strengthen the tissue behind my jaw — just amazing! This, in combination with simple exercises they provided, took care of the problem. I’m in great shape now and am so happy I found them.”
Andrea Nelson

“I have been very satisfied with the treatment I receive from PDR. Dealing with both back pain and
Planter’s Fasciitis, I really wasn’t sure what to do to get better. The staff at PDR are truly concerned.
They take the time to really listen and respond to their patients.
They seem to be able to help, no matter what — I highly recommend them.”
Arthur Kay

“It’s been ten years since I started treatment at PDR, and I like the staff so much, I’m still stopping in for coffee – just to visit. I had a frozen shoulder, complicated by a pinched nerve, and was in terrible pain. The team at PDR were fabulous: fully-professional, so friendly and with an incredibly well-equipped facility. I would recommend them to anyone, anytime!”
Magda Grabowski

“After a car accident left me with limited movement in my neck and shoulders, I began seeing the staff at PDR twice a week. I had never been to physical therapy before and was so pleased by how much it helped. After only ten sessions of therapeutic massage, electric stimulation and exercises, I had regained 99% functionality of my neck and back. I’m very happy with the treatment I received at PDR, and highly recommend them.”
Suzanne Kosten

“I like everything about PDR. They’re always smiling – always asking how you’re feeling… and not because they want to record your symptoms, but because they genuinely care. I have an autoimmune condition, muscle damage and back pain, and they were able to find the perfect treatment for me: my official release. They never go too hard on me during exercises, constantly checking in.
What can I say – they are very special people, and I am so glad I found them. They really lift my spirits and give me hope.”
Patricia Vences

“Chory kręgosłup nie pozwalał mi chodzić. Po dwóch miesiącach fizykoterapi profesjonalni fizykoterapeuci doprowadzili mnie do dobrego stanu fizycznego. Nie rezygnuję z ćwiczeń! Codziennie odwiedzam PDR ćwicząc (za niewielką opłatę) 1 godź. Ćwiczenia konsultuje z fizykoterapeutą. Po trzech miesiącach chodzę, robię zakupy, wykonuje wszystkie czynności w domu. Mam 75 lat a czuje się teraz jak 60 letnia kobieta.”
Halina Jordan

“Miałam powiększoną tarczyce. Dzięki terapi Pana Piotra mój problem zniknął. Dziękuję Panie Piotrze.”
Lucyna T.