What are the first visit procedures?

Please arrive 15 minutes before your first appointment to allow time for paperwork. You can also download the initial paperwork on the left.

Please provide us with the following information:

  • your physician’s name and the phone number
  • insurance card
  • valid photo ID
  • list of medications you are currently taking

After the administrative procedure, you will be seen by the physical therapist.

In order to establish knowledge about your status, the therapist will ask you the following:

  • your medical history (chronic illnesses, surgeries, accidents, etc.)
  • the current problem you are experiencing
  • how is your condition affecting your everyday life and activates
  • what tests were performed for your condition and if you are currently taking any medication
  • what are your expectations from your therapy

The therapist may perform the following actions in order to evaluate you:

  • touch around the affected area to check for swelling, tenderness, inflammation, etc.
  • move your joints around to determine the range of motion restriction of your movements
  • check the muscles strength and nerve communication
  • postural assessment
How should I dress?
  • Dress comfortably
  • Wear loose fitting clothes
  • Dress according to your problem area, so the therapist has easy access for treatment
How long will the treatment of each visit last?
You should allow up to 60 minutes per visit.
Who will you be seen by?
  • You will be evaluated by a licensed and experienced physical therapist.
  • Your treatment will be performed by a licensed physical therapist or a licensed physical therapist assistant with the help of a highly trained and experienced rehabilitation aide.
Is massage a part of my physical therapy visits?
Some massage techniques may be used by our licensed therapist during manual treatments. Full 30 minute or 1 hour massages are provided separately by our licensed massage therapist. Massage is beneficial for muscle relaxation, swelling reduction or to relieve pain.
What should I do and keep in mind after my discharge from therapy?
  • After you finish therapy, please speak with the leading therapist about any further goals you have in order to provide you with custom program for you.
  • Comply and follow with your therapist’s advice of treatment.
  • You may receive a home exercise program to follow at home.

What should I do if my pain comes back after I finish therapy?

  • If your pain comes back and you are experiencing a flare-up episode please give us a call.
  • We can schedule you for a follow-up appointment, suggest a visit with your doctor or give you tips on how to modify your daily exercises and activities.
What will the payment process look like?
  • Please provide us with the following information:
    • If you possess insurance coverage, your insurance company will pay for a portion or the whole cost of your therapy. Please contact our billing department for a detailed verification of your benefits.
    • To view a list of insurances please click here.
  • If you do not possess medical insurance coverage, you can sign up for a private/self pay therapy program. Please contact our billing department for more information.
  • We also accept workers’ compensation and motor vehicle cases:
    • For workers’ compensation please provide us with your insurance company’s name, date of injury, claim number and adjustor’s contact info.
    • For motor vehicle cases please bring the police report. We accept cash payments, your primary health insurance or your auto insurance. We do not accept third party auto insurance. If billing your auto insurance we need the date of injury, claim number and adjustor’s contact information. If you choose to involve an attorney in the case, please provide us with their contact information.