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 Our Therapists

Peter Domagala - Licensed Physical Therapists, President

Peter completed his master degree in physical therapy in Poland and moved to America in 1995.Sixteen years ago, after years of practice in various local hospitals and orthopedic facilities, Peter decided to make his dream a reality, and he opened his own clinic. He amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience and at the present continues to serve our community through his successful enterprise – the PDR Physical Therapy and Wellness Center.

Peter specializes in manual therapy, sports therapy, TMJ, spinal disorders and also performs Vestibular and Balance rehabilitation. He has completed over 900 postgraduate hours in lectures, demonstrations and practical training. Peter added the Graston Technique® to his specialties in 2009 and Vertigo/Balance problems in 2012. Since 2014 Peter has been mastering Strain Counterstrain, an advanced manual therapy technique to effectively and non-surgically treat all kinds of neuro, muscular and joints conditions. Thanks to the unique technique he practices, Peter is often the last resort for many patients for whom other clinics or therapists were not able to help.

Peter is a huge fan of all kinds of sports and is very active himself. He is the fastest roller-skater on his street. Two years ago, he discovered in himself a desire to learn and play the violin and has been mastering his skills since then.

Eva Krecisz - Licensed Physical Therapist, Vice President

Eva received her Master’s degree in Rehabilitation at the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow, Poland. She graduated in 1995, moved to America and has been practicing since then.  Eva joined P D R Physical Therapy & Wellness Center in 2006.

Eva gained a tremendous amount of experience with knee and hip problems while working for years in a nursing home environment. Eva is a certified LSVT® BIG! provider and leads our team that specializes in this ground breaking treatment for patients with Parkinson’s disease.

She completed Lymphedema training at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, she has also taken courses in Kinesio Taping, Strain Counterstrain, as well as foot problems, and is an integral part of our Work Conditioning program.

In 2015 PDR started accepting students for clinical experiences and Eva became Clinical Instructor for Physical Therapist Assistant education. She supervises that program in our clinic collaborating first with Solex College and now with Harper College.

Eva is married to Peter and they have two children. Just as Peter, Eva too is highly active, as she enjoys running. Not long ago she completed a half-marathon. However, so far, she shies away from joining Peter in roller skating. She enjoys reading and learning about other cultures and religions and playing with her cat named Felek.

Kris Krasowski - Licenced Physical Therapist

Kris graduated from J. Pilsudski University in Warsaw, Poland in 1985. He has been working for over 30 years in outpatient facilities through the Chicagoland area and  earned an immense experience working with patients suffering from pain related to chronic joint and spine problems. He joined our team in 2016.

Kris has developed an eclectic physical therapy approach combining various manual therapy techniques with therapeutic exercises as well as physical modalities for pain relief. He has completed the following trainings: Fascial Counterstrain, Functional Mobilization, McKenzie Therapy.

Kris is very interested in alternative medicine. Like all our team members he is a sports fan. His most favorite sport is volleyball. He also is passionate about history and remembers a lot of facts about the most interesting historical events around the world.

Laura Wodka - Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant

Laura graduated from Oakton Community College in 2013. She received her Associate Degree in the Physical Therapist Assistant program. She also attended the Massage Therapy Program at Solex College in 2009 where she received her massage certification.

Laura has completed continuing education courses in Strain Counterstrain, which is an advanced manual therapy technique; Tai Chi and yoga. She is certified in LSVT BIG, an exercise protocol designed for people with Parkinson disease. Laura has experience with leading exercise classes for children and adults which incorporates good posture, core strengthening, gentle stretching and elements of Tai Chi.

Laura is also a Clinical Instructor and shares with Eva educational responsibilities for PTA students from Harper College. 

Laura is married, has two children and two dogs. In her spare time she likes walking the dogs, bike riding, fishing and gardening.

Marta Czachor - Massage Therapist / Rehab Aide

If you need a good massage to help with your pain or just to relax and unwind, Marta is the best choice. Her field of expertise is all kinds of massages – from hot stones, deep tissue massage, Lymphatic, prenatal through reflexology, to name only few she practices. She has run our Ocean Breeze Massage Center since 2016. She studied at the School of Holistic Massage and Reflexology in Downers Grove, IL and has been a massage therapist since 2013. She is a member of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP).

Marta is married to Jerry and they have two children, Luke and Maggie. She is passionate for sports and highly active herself – Marta is an avid table tennis player, consistently outplaying every opponent during family competitions.

Administrative Staff

Daniela Bighirel - Revenue Cycle Manager

Daniela has a Bachelor of Science of Engineering degree and is a Certified Billing Specialist. She has been a Certified Professional Biller for 18 years. Daniela has worked as a Medical Billing Manager for 16 years in family practice, chiropractic, and physical therapy practices. She is devoted to her job and loves working with people helping them to understand the billing and insurance process. She’s been a member of AAPC since 2010.

It is hard to find a better ice skater when Daniela puts her skates on. Her second greatest passion after playing sports is singing. She has an amazing voice and is always requested to sing at family gatherings. She is also an incredibly talented gardener. From the first year of practicing her gardening passion her tremendous harvest impresses even the most experienced – not at all surprising since she is most dedicated in all activities she undertakes.

Agnieszka Skaza - Marketing / Front Desk

Agnieszka has a high school diploma and CNA certification. She has worked as a CNA and PRA in the past. At PDR she is responsible for marketing efforts as well as performs front desk duties.

Agnieszka is married to Henryk and has three children, Ania, Jessica and Mateusz. In her spare time she loves reading and traveling with her family.

Sabina Bernatowski - Rehab Aide / Front Desk

Sabina joined our Clinic in spring 2020. She majored in arts but sees her career in the physical therapy field. She worked as a bank teller, and was selling bridal accessories. Before joining PDR she had worked as a doctor’s assistant and decided to continue her career in a healthcare field. She is passionate about learning new things.

Like everyone in our PDR family, she is highly active in sports. Sabina is an avid soccer and basketball player, swimmer and loves biking.

Maggie Sawicka - Marketing Manager

Maggie earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Marketing at the University of Warsaw, in Poland. She has since been continuing her career in the field of marketing in Europe, Northern Africa, and, more recently in the US. With a passion for literature, history, and travel, she has also worked as a professional tour guide, particularly in some of the most interesting parts of the Mediterranean.

She is married and has two children, two rescue cats, and a bearded dragon. She loves to travel. Her dream is completing Camino – a month-long hike through French Pyrenees, across Spain to Santiago de Compostela sanctuary.