Proper oxygenation is essential for any organism to function correctly. Oxygen is a crucial element of the air our body’s cells require for energy production. However, illnesses, poisoning, and excessive physical or emotional stress can lead to oxygen deficiency, which can cause more significant health issues. Additionally, the extensive pollution, smog, and loss of green spaces, we only breathe in 18% of the atmosphere’s oxygen instead of the optimal 21%. Simply practicing deep breathing may not be sufficient to ensure optimal oxygenation throughout the body. In such cases, oxygen hyperbaric therapy can serve as a solution.


Oxygen hyperbaric therapy (HBOT) is a widely accepted approach to rejuvenating and supporting the body. When oxygen is concentrated and administered under high pressure in a hyperbaric chamber, it can dissolve not only in blood but also in plasma and cerebrospinal fluid, without any physiological barriers. Hyperbaric oxygen can boost stem cell production by up to 8 times, resulting in intensive cell regeneration and numerous benefits that are unmatched by any other type of therapy.

1.3 ATA

chamber air pressure


oxygen level

90 min.

session length


Oxygen therapy has a comprehensive and positive effect on the well-being and psycho-physical health of people of all ages. The human body, regardless of its biological age, can enjoy the benefits of oxygen sessions. Hyperbaric oxygen supports immunity in children, allows seniors to enjoy good health, and adults can not only delay the aging process but also take care of optimal body performance.


High-pressure oxygen delivery can boost stem cell production, accelerate wound healing, reduce inflammation and viral infections, and ease pain. It may benefit those with autism, diabetes, or neurological conditions.


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can eliminate toxins, heavy metals, bacteria, and viruses. It can also boosts the immune system, enhances focus, and prepares the body for physical activity, making it a great preventative method.


Supplying the body with oxygen can nourish every cell and stimulate faster regeneration, leading to quicker healing of wounds and pain relief. Oxygen therapy is commonly utilized in sports to aid in recovering from injuries or trauma.


“When oxygen is under pressure, it has drug-like effects on the DNA and other components of each cell, bringing about permanent changes in the cell and surrounding tissue. In this way, HBOT is one of the most effective gene therapies. Over a year of experimenting with HBOT, we’ve discovered that the secret to its success is its cumulative effect, meaning that after 25 to 40 treatments, the body’s tissues can be permanently changed.”

Dr. Paul G. Harch,
President of the International Hyperbaric Medical Association

“Hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO) was used for the treatment of 64 patients suffering from parkinsonism of different etiology. HBO sessions were provided daily, 8-12 per course, the treatment pressure amounted to 1.3-2 atm exposure to 40-60 minutes. The beneficial effect was marked in 55 patients. The results of the treatment turned out better in vascular parkinsonism, in patients under 65 years, with a disease standing of 1-5 years. The akineticorigid syndrome regressed to a greater degree, whereas in trembling hyperkinesis, HBO turned out to be less potent.”

V Ia Neretin, M A Lobov, S V Kotov, G F Cheskidova, G S Molchanova

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the safest clinical method for increasing the circulation of stem cells in the body, much safer than any of the pharmaceutical options.”

Prof. Stephen R. Thom, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

“I’m convinced that if we started talking more about the effectiveness of hyperbaric therapy in treating diabetic foot, we would be doing our patients a huge favor.”

Dr. Jeffrey Niezgoda, director of the American College of Hyperbaric Medicine


Prior to each session in the hyperbaric chamber, we conduct a comprehensive interview with the patient to discuss any contraindications. Throughout the session, our trained staff closely monitors and supervises you. Ensuring your safety and comfort is a standard practice for us, not an option. To help you prepare for your session, please refer to the iconographic chart below.

Remove the hearing aid

Remove any jewelry

Wear cotton clothes

Have a small snack prior

Do not drink too much

Use the restroom before

Take off your shoes

For optimal results, it is suggested to use the chamber at least once a day, or 3-5 sessions per week. Consistency and regularity are essential, and it is recommended to have a minimum of 10 sessions to see noticeable outcomes.