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Perioperative Rehabilitation

Surgery is always a major concern and trauma to the body, regardless of its aim and duration. As a result, we might be weak, in pain, immobilized, and, very often, anxious about our recovery, in particular about being unable to return to our pre-injury activity level. It is a scientific fact that the success of your treatment depends mostly on you, and what you do before a procedure and during your post-op recovery period.

The importance of perioperative physical therapy

If your doctor recommends physical therapy, there certainly is a good reason for that – it really works, and all the benefits of physical therapy after surgery are increasingly backed up by professional studies and evaluation:

  • It strengthens the body core
  • Supports muscle functionality
  • Enhances overall mobility, in particular, that of the affected body part(s)
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Aids cellular oxygenation
  • Reduces pain
  • Improves balance
  • Accelerates the overall recovery

Surgeries that should be followed with physical therapy:

  • Back, neck, shoulder, elbow, knee, ankle/foot post-injury surgeries (Sx)
  • Knee, hip, shoulder, ankle – post joint replacement surgery
  • Shoulder, knee post arthroscopic surgery
  • Complications post abdominal, chest, or pelvic floor surgery

Pre and post-surgical treatment in PDR

Get ready for a procedure and then a quick post-surgical recovery

Based on the evidence, two to three weeks of pre-surgical rehabilitation can significantly accelerate the recovery process. When planning your procedure, consider attending physical therapy beforehand to prepare your body for the coming surgery as well as the necessary recovery time. It will help you to strengthen your body, particularly the muscles around the joint that will be operated on. Your therapist will also teach you how to use a cane or crutches or any assistive device you might need later.

Post-surgical treatment in most cases based on your surgeon’s protocol

Our experienced physical therapists, working one on one with each patient, effectively communicating with a surgeon, and using the most advanced equipment, have outstanding results in the most effective post-surgical recovery.

Help to eliminate post-surgical complications

A physical therapy program, customized to a patient’s unique needs, provided under the care of a highly qualified and experienced therapist, is a crucial part of post-surgery care to avoid and prevent possible complications.  

Don’t delay your rehabilitation

If you have any at all concerns about the post-operative procedures most applicable to your individual case, if you have questions, doubts, or are experiencing anxiety or apprehension concerning your upcoming procedure, please, do not hesitate and talk to your provider about post-op recovery recommendations. Most importantly, do not delay. Rest assured, that the primary objectives of all involved – you, as the patient, your specialists’ performing the procedure, and ours, the physical therapy clinic remain in accord: to restore your quality of life, functionality, and allow you to return to the most meaningful activity levels in the shortest time possible. We are here for you and your post-operative condition and well-being are the measures of our success.