The Kinesio Taping Method 

The Kinesio Taping® Method

The skilled therapists at PDR use this proprietary method of taping to treat a variety of conditions, including lower back pain, knee and shoulder conditions, hamstring and rotator cuff injuries, whiplash, plantar fasciitis and sprains and preventative injury and support. At our clinics, we use Kinesio Tape combined with other therapies, such as electrical stimulation or massage therapy, to ensure each patient achieves maximum healing potential.

Before the Kinesio Tape application, the skin and muscle are compressed, resulting in less blood flow and a build up of pressure and inflammation, which results in PAIN.

After Kinesio Taping it creates support for the inflamed muscles and forms folds, which increase the space between the skin and muscle. This enables fluids to flow freely, decreasing pressure and inflammation.

PDR Physical Therapy & Wellness Center is a leader is this safe and exciting method and we are thrilled to offer this healing service to you! Let the caring staff at PDR tell you more about the Kinesio Taping Method today or to learn more go to

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