Usually, when we think about troubles with the pelvic floor, we associate it with women but in fact, both sexes can struggle with pelvic issues. The good news is that many of them can be treated with a painless, non-invasive manual therapy technique called Counterstrain. 

The pelvis is made up of the hip bones, lumbar spine, sacrum, coccyx and is bounded in front by the pubic symphysis. The male pelvis is narrower and longer, while the female pelvis is wider and lower. Its main function is to support and protect the internal organs and to transport nerves and blood to and from the lower limbs.

The pelvis performs many important functions and its malfunction can lead to serious health problems. Circulatory disorders such as swelling, poor wound healing, and varicose veins may have their source in the pelvic area as a result of adhesions, surgical scars, chronic pelvic inflammation, childhood trauma, decreased intestinal peristalsis, or tumors. Disturbed intestinal peristalsis can lead to chronic diarrhea, constipation, high pressure inside the lower abdomen and pelvis, which in turn leads to nerve compression and all kinds of neuralgia – burning, tingling, or lack of sensation in the lower body. Nerve compression also interferes with the proper functioning of the genitourinary system, and as a result, leads to problems with the urinary tract, incontinence, and sexual problems.

Urinary incontinence – causes and treatment

The causes of urinary incontinence range from peripheral nerve damage and perinatal trauma to tumors, inflammation, and adhesions. Most problems caused by nerve damage, impaired blood and lymph circulation, and local adhesions can be treated with highly specialized manual therapy called Strain Counterstrain. Our experienced therapists have been successful in treating patients struggling with urinary incontinence for several years. To date, all our patients complaining of incontinence have avoided pharmacological therapy and invasive procedures.

One of our patients, who initially came to us with chronic back pain, admitted that he has problems with sleeping during one of his visits. He couldn’t get a good night’s rest because of problems with controlling his bladder. Ha was getting up at night around 8 times to use the bathroom. After applying the Strain Counterstrain technique to the nerves that control bladder function, his condition improved to the point where he only had to get up twice the next night. After several nights of good sleep and several therapy sessions where we took care of his back problems, the patient’s health improved enough that he was able to perform his daily activities without pain. 

Intimate life back to normal

Therapeutic procedures, used by our specialists can also be helpful “in these matters”. The genitals are innervated similarly to the urinary system, so by nerve control and improving local blood circulation, it is possible to find and remove the cause of erectile dysfunction or reduced physical sexual sensation – without internal interference. 

A patient,  with pain in his lower back and radiating to his groin, complained during a therapy session that for a long time “these things” had not been working well either. After applying the Strain Counterstrain technique to the deep fascia in the pelvic region and the nerves supplying the genitourinary system, the problem was cured. At the next visit, the patient showed up with a big smile on his face saying that everything was back to normal and the only problem was that… his wife had lost interest. So we advise you not to wait too long to see a therapist because a painless and quick solution is at hand!

If you are unsure if manual therapy may be applicable in your case, we encourage you to schedule a free consultation. All of the methods used in our clinic do not require internal techniques, as happens in typical pelvic floor physical therapy. They simply involve finding and applying pressure to painful areas around the sacrum or pubic symphysis. This non-invasive and painless method is widely used for a whole range of pelvic conditions and dysfunctions. Our experience allows us to successfully treat patients that other clinics, physical therapists, or doctors have not been able to help.