Can you think of a single person you know who is not at least moderately stressed? Probably not. We all have a lot to deal with – from the everyday struggles of school, work, running a household, etc. as well as all the extraordinary troubles life brings. And although many of us are aware of the importance of taking care of ourselves, we often do not take the time to do it. Pampering ourselves may seem unnecessary, even excessive. We fail to recognize it as an investment into our future, improving our resilience and productivity, not to mention our general well-being. Instead, we focus on all the stress-generating factors in our daily life. In this reality a gift of stress relief seems universally desired and hard to match.

Below are five reasons why you should spoil yourself or someone you love with a good massage:

1. Stress reliever
A massage relieves stress, reduces anxiety, promotes much needed relaxation and, as a result, improves sleep (remember as you heard repeatedly, there is nothing better for our health and overall well-being than a good sleep? That is true!). This is a guilt-free way to pamper ourselves and have a chance to relax.

2. Beat pain
A massage relieves different kinds of pain – from the common back pain, neck pain and migraines to postoperative or chronic pains related to the illnesses like fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, or rheumatoid arthritis.

3. Do not forget about our seniors
A massage improves cardiovascular health, balance, and tempers effects of dementia, not to mention combating all the age-related pains and aches. It also helps to subdue joint replacement pain. So, this year forget about cozy socks or the next Shutterfly family photo album and coddle your senior family members with a session of a great massage instead!

4. Know someone passionate about sports?
This year of pandemic, lack of social life and entertainment, a lot of people turned to sports as the best way of spending spare time. Yet, without proper preparation or from simple overuse, we can suffer from different kinds of sport-related problems. How to combat the most common of them and reduce muscle tension, increase range of motion and enhance exercise performance? With a professional massage, of course!

5. Pamper someone who really needs it
Going through cancer treatment is tough, no matter what. Making a thoughtful gift usually is a challenge. If you would like to show your friend or someone you know that you think of them and really care, offer a gift card for a massage. A massage can relieve pain, subdue stress and reduce chemotherapy-related nausea. It is a great way to say “I care about you. You deserve the best.”

A single session of massage may be as rejuvenating as a vacation trip. It refreshes the body and mind, and delivers relaxation, energy, and a positive attitude as the end-result. To be able to offer it as a gift is truly unparalleled.