Good posture in children is very important to ensure they grow up healthy and happy. With the new generation of children spending a lot more time hunched over, looking at their screens, the concept of good posture becomes critical to their well-being. Add to this the sedentary nature of “Virtual School” and you can see why it has become a matter of concern. 

For the last few months, we have seen at our Clinic more than ever before children and youths with different postural problems,  resulting from e-learning. Therefore, our concerned therapists prepared a special gymnastics program to address all kinds of postural issues children may develop. Our comprehensive program helps children to improve flexibility, balance and posture, strengthen all muscle groups, decrease & prevent postural defects, and diminish foot deformations. 



  • 5:30 pm – children 6 – 11 years old
  • 6:45 pm – children 12 – 16 years old



  • First child: $80 / month
  • Siblings: $72 / month

For more information & registration call (847) 459 4779.

The classes will be led by personal trainer Anna Bodio.

My name is Anna. I graduated from the Academy of Physical Education in Rzeszow, Poland with a specialization in corrective gymnastics for children. I am a certified yoga and pilates instructor and a personal trainer. I have been exercising since I was a child. I like to expand my passion and take on new challenges.